Wedding Cake!

My mom and I got our first order for a wedding cake at Les Petites Sweets! The request is for a rustic wedding cake that the bride will provide flowers for. We have the cake next to a wine bottle for scale.
We made this cake as a practice run because we don’t have much experience making cakes. It’s good to know that we can make simple and uncomplicated cakes if that is what a customer is looking for. The cake we made is an 8 inch round on top of a 9 inch round. We would like it to look more balanced so when we do the final wedding cake we are going to do a 6 inch round on top of a 9 inch round.

Our first step was, of course, to make the cake batter! We used our super moist secret recipe!
We made a white cake filled with chocolate cream cheese frosting and coated in a luscious vanilla buttercream.
I found the chocolate cream cheese buttercream recipe on the blog “Cupcake Project“. It was sooo good and everyone who tried it loved it. You can find the recipe here.
I found the vanilla buttercream buttercream recipe on the blog “i heart eating“. It was so smooth and light. It didn’t taste heavily of butter or sugar like the typical buttercream. You can find the recipe here.
We are excited to provide a cake and petite sweets for this upcoming wedding!

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